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4 Ways Friends To Be a Better Friend

4 Ways Friends To Be a Better Friend
It's so easy to take for granted the definition of friendship and what it really means in our lives. Let's face it, it comes down to a feeling. Friendships serve the purpose of making us feel loved, giving us a sense of belonging, freedom to be ourselves and just overall fun. They also play an incredibly important role of holding us in tough times. Being a great friend calls for a sense of awareness of the actions that generate that cuddly, slipper-like feeling.
Here are our 4 favorite ways to show emotional support (taken from the health line article) : 
  • Listening — really listening — to your problems, dreams, hopes and something just whining 
  • Validating your feelings: feelings are real and sometimes all we need is for someone we love to acknowledge our true feelings without judgment.  
  • Doing nice things for you just because
  • Helping distract you when you feel sad or upset: because they truly know how to ease up those hard moments for you 

I needed these quick reminders as I strive to serve my besties better.

Keep spreading the love sister! 


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