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Building a Confidence Brick House

Building a Confidence Brick House

Thank goodness you are not only born with it, that it's not an "you either have it or don't" kind of thing. Thank goodness it's a concept that can be understood, an experience that can be felt (and probably won't forget) and thank goodness it's for EVERYBODY! You just have to claim yours. Friends, I'm talking about confidence. 

Just so we are on the same page, confidence is: the state of feeling certain about the truth of something. I love that definition! Thanks Google : ) 

I'm writing this note sitting in a coffee shop on the island of Siargao, in the Philippines - the country's surf capital! And when in Rome...

So the girls are surfing 3-4 times a week and loving it, I can actually see the love for surfing growing as their confidence in themselves grows, to the point that Nylah has asked to quit soccer twice a week so she can surf more! Huhh?! 

You see, when Nylah was 4 years old she jumped on her first surf board in Muizenburg, South Africa and after a painful 20min - she said she didn't ever want to surf again - she had no confidence that she would ever learn to surf.

Now that we are here, I wondered if there was a way that she could build her confidence, step-by-step?And yes, there is. A quick reflection on Nylah's journey shows that a few things happened to build her confidence foundation, moving her from "never again" to "I'm confident in my ability" - which is inevitably leading to so much fun and surfing success, include:

1. OPEN MIND: She was open to trying again 

2. FUN: Her surf lessons are surrounded by fun and laughter. Surfing is a big recreational activity here for pro's and beginners so there are tons of happy people surfing for fun, her instructors are literally always laughing and overall the positive energy is unmatched. It does not feel like a lesson. 

3. INSPIRED: Ikit and Gigi (in picture), their surf instructors, are girls! Yay! One of them, Asia long board girl  champion at that. Seeing confident, talented girls having fun doing it sends the right message. 

So yes! I'm inspired to search my heart for my houses that need building- things that I have not tried because of my lack of confidence (getting my yoga teacher certificate for example!), and remind myself that I can build the confidence to do them - starting with a strong foundation..

This is your reminder, we can build the confidence in anything (especially ourselves), get the right foundation, tools and material. 

What's your house that needs building?

#strongfoundation #goforit 

Sending you sisterly love, 



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