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How Girls Can Help Their Friends Build Confidence

How Girls Can Help Their Friends Build Confidence

We all try our best to teach our young girls how to be confident. By building them up and teaching our daughters to be courageous and brave, we help ensure that they can go to school, sports practice, or a play date filled with internal happiness. But have we ever thought about the role that they can play for boosting other girl’s confidence?


Regardless of their confidence levels, it’s common for our girls to come across friends who don’t possess these essential qualities. We can encourage our daughters to help build their friend’s C-factor – it’s a brilliant way to serve all it takes is a little bit of extra sisterly love.


So, here are three ways that our girls can help build up the confidence of a friend.

Let the other girl teach them something special. What strengths, skills, or hobbies does this girl possess? Is she great at baking cookies, or does she know how to consistently shoot the ball through the hoop in a game of basketball? No matter where her strengths lie, encourage your daughter to get her friend to teach it. This will give her a chance to show off her skills, cementing the idea that she rocks at something


Invite them to more places. We often assume that our friends are not interested in an upcoming event or social gathering, and our daughters may be doing the same thing. It’s always lovely to be invited to something and feeling wanted is one of the easiest ways to feel more confident in yourself


Give more skill-based compliments. Far too many praises given to young girls are rooted in their appearance. They are constantly being told how “pretty” they are or how beautiful their outfits look. But what about their brains, their passion, and their hard work? Make sure that your daughters are giving genuine compliments to their friends.


The act of sharing what you know is a great way of entrenching it in yourself and the truth is, we all have a little bit to share, it just takes love… #sisterlylove


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