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Happy International Day of Yoga !

Happy International Day of Yoga !

I won't pretend that yoga was part of my daily life growing up, in fact, I did not know even one person in my town who did it or even knew about it. I was introduced to it as a young adult after moving to the big city, Johannesburg. Thanks to Hollywood, my first impression of it was "it's for the rich and famous", however, determined not to be excluded, I signed up for a few classes and I've never looked back.

Now, as a mother of 3 (#4 arriving in October 2021!) - I cannot express how happy I am that this wholistic practice, of self-awareness, humility and inner calm is growing as a kids’ activity/sport/hobby, and honestly, it could not have come at a more urgent time. 

A time when girls' self-esteem and confidence is being challenged by what they see on the screen, and the pressure to keep up and conform is so rife. Kids’ yoga is no doubt a perfect activity to quiet the internal noise, to commit to a practice that is non-competitive, but instead allows you to challenge your own limits, one that teaches confidence through positive mind and body awareness and importantly, enabling all those skills to be carried into other parts of their daily lives. 

What's fantastic (and powerful) about yoga, is that it is never too early or too late to start (My daughter, Nylah attended her first baby yoga class at 4 months old and my mom had her first yoga class at the beautiful age of 67 years old!) - How cool is that?!

Indica’s vision to see a generation of confident girls living bold lives is indeed beautifully complimented by yoga – so grab your fav pair of Indica leggings and get on the mat. 


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