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3 Signs That She Lacks the Confidence Needed to Grow

3 Signs That She Lacks the Confidence Needed to Grow

We all want to believe that our girls are as confident as we think they deserve to be. After all, they are beautiful, smart, creative, funny, and kind. But what about the C word, confidence?

A good place to start is to be able to recognize the signs of what a lack of confidence looks and feels like, because before we can move on to discover the unlimited depths of our self-confidence, bravery, and capacity for sisterly love, we need to find out what is holding us back!

Here are three of the most critical signs that she lacks confidence:

  1. She avoids challenging herself. Take note of the different opportunities where she could try something new or test her limits. Does she approach them with cautious optimism or shy away completely?
  2. She only ever praises other people. If you’re having trouble remembering the last time that she focused on one of her own strengths, then you may want to dig deeper and find out if she can even notice them.
  3. She spends too much time with herself. If she spends more time at the back of the class or sitting alone at recess, she may not think that she is good enough to play with the other girls.

Luckily, life is about progression and not perfection, we have a chance every singe day to be more self aware, to acknowledge the signs and make the small changes necessary. 

Its all about progress and not perfection. 

Sending you sisterly love, 




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