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3 Situations Where Her Confidence is Strengthened

3 Situations Where Her Confidence is Strengthened

Ah! Confidence – it’s certainly not an overnight game, so awareness of its peaks and valleys and navigating them is key to constant improvement. Considering just how quickly the confidence rate drops when girls begin to grow, we know that it’s a crucial skill and quality that our girls must learn. In past blogs, we have explored how low confidence can be spotted, today we look at situations where it is strengthened.


A common theme of where girls feel the most confident are when:

They spend time helping out. Feeling needed and significant is a huge confidence booster. Volunteering her time to help others in a charity like a food bank or even by helping her teacher clean up her bookshelves, helping others is a sure way to feel better about yourself. Studies have even proven that volunteering makes you happier while also giving you more confidence!

(Seems superficial, but it’s NOT!) By wearing an outfit that makes them feel good in. You don’t have to look a certain way to feel good about yourself. However, getting dressed up in an outfit of her choice represents and expression of her personality and helps her feel good about her identity! Our recommendation? Pair the Retro Confident Shooting Star Leggings with your daughter’s favorite graphic t-shirt for some serious self-expression!

By feeling trusted. Girls feel super confident when they feel like they are being trusted by someone they admire, such as a teacher or a parent. One of our Indica girls, 14-year-old Lalo, reported feeling at her most confident after being asked to help out with giving a tour to parents at an after-hours event at school. This helped her feel like she was somebody that could be relied on, as she knew that she could step up to the challenge. So, next time that you have a task to do, hand it off to your daughter and let her show off her skills. 

They seem so obvious and yet they are not, I am really inspired to take on at least one of these and make a conscious effort to implement. 

All the best ! 

Sources:  and Interview responses from 12 year old girls


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