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5 Halloween Costumes That Scream ‘Girl Power’!

5 Halloween Costumes That Scream ‘Girl Power’!

Halloween is just around the corner. While the holiday may look a little bit different this year, that doesn’t mean it’s not still a great excuse to encourage your little one (and you) to dress up!

Halloween isn’t all about being spooky or scary. It is about having fun! It’s also a great excuse to enjoy getting into character.

We love bringing on the feeling of girl power, and happy to share some ideas.

Here are 5 costume ideas that scream ‘girl power’:


  1. A public figure. Think about the many powerful women that surround us. From Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to Malala Yousafzai to Venus and Sirena Williams – the list is pleasantly long.  Whether your daughter idolizes a famous soccer player or is already interested in politics, encourage her to dress up as a public figure that inspires her and take a few minutes to chat about why she is inspired by that person.
  2. A superhero. Female superheroes always make us feel more powerful! Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and more are all easy costume ideas that will make your daughter feel like she can fly! A reminder, that Ninja’s are both male and female.
  3. A role model. The meaning behind a costume doesn’t need to be obvious. If your daughter has a role model in her own life, like a teacher, aunt, babysitter, or even her own mom, she might jump at the chance to spend a day in their shoes.
  4. A dream job. Has your daughter already started daydreaming about her future? Costumes can let her pretend that she’s already there! Things like artists, chefs, ballerinas, and more are always fun costumes.
  5. A witch. Witch costumes have been around for ages, and for good reason: they scream girl power! She can be a good witch, a bad witch, or anywhere in between. And since it is such a common costume, supplies are always easy to come by!

As a bonus, don't forget the other characters which are neither male nor female - like Quinn (my 3 year old) favorite  - A ninja! 

Let your daughter feel empowered while she’s stocking up on sweets! Just remember, Halloween nights can get chilly. Throw on a pair of Indica leggings under that costume and stay warm out there (wink!). 

Enjoy ! 



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