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Only Confidence-Boosting Gifts, Please!

Only Confidence-Boosting Gifts, Please!

Oh, Christmas! Tis the season of love, quality time with friends and family, and gifting. Now, we know that the holidays are not all about giving and receiving gifts. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with the ones that we do give!


All gifts should be given with love and thoughtfulness. It can be exciting to give somebody an expensive present, or something that they have had their eyes on for a while. But what about confidence-boosting Christmas gifts? These are about far more than the cost. It is about brightening up your daughter’s day for years to come!


 Here are our top picks for what to gift your girls this season.

 1. Ok, duh! Top of the list are… Indica Confident Shooting Star Leggings. Each and every pair of Indica leggings for girls are designed with confidence, bravery, and sisterly love in mind. These shooting star leggings will help her feel good inside and out.

2. An inspiring journal. We want to encourage our girls to get real with their thoughts and feelings. What better place to do it than in a unique journal? Buy one and start encouraging your daughter to write about her experiences with self-love and confidence. She will be able to look back at it for years to come

3. A positive affirmation mirror. Looking in the mirror is something that we have to do every day. There are no better ways to do it than when looking at an affirming message! Gift your daughter a brand-new mirror filled with positive affirmations about how great she is and not just the way that she looks.

4. Customizable clothing. Fashion is one of the most simple ways that a young girl can express herself. What better way to do that than with something customizable? Plain white sneakers with fabric markers will do the trick. Alternatively, some brands will let you design an item before it gets created and mailed to you! Give your daughter the gift of expression and style.

 Avoid buying stuff, just for the sake of buying, lets make this Christmas one filled with long lasting meaning ! 

Wishing you a very happy, loving Christmas season ! 


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