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The Halloween Confidence Lesson

The Halloween Confidence Lesson

Halloween has a sneaky way of testing our confidence and therefore presents a great opportunity to practise being confident – after all it’s the one time of year where it is completely acceptable to get dressed up in whatever you choose! While the holiday asks you to get creative, it can still feel a little bit scary. After all, you are changing your usual way of dressing in favor of something a little bit funkier and it can be scary trying something new – herein lies the opportunity to practise self-confidence, through self-expression.

The first step to ensuring her confidence starts when she picks out her costume. It is important to be sure that she is wearing something that she wants to wear, and not something that has been picked out for her by somebody else. She should be front and center at every decision in the costume-picking stage, from initial ideas to going out and buying it.

Handmade and store-bought costumes always have a little bit of room for change. You can sew extra fabric, wear as many layers as you please, and add on additional accessories. Ask your daughter what she wants to do to her costume before it is finalized. Maybe longer sleeves or a shorter train can bring her confidence levels from a zero to a ten!

Finally, you should always encourage you’re her to be honest about the way she feels. What is the best way to do this? By asking her! Don’t just ask her how she thinks she looks when she’s dressed up. Ask her how she feels, and what would help her feel even better.

There are so many benefits to making sure that your daughter feels confident in her Halloween costume. This time of year can help build resilience in children for various reasons. Costumes enable your child to express themselves in a judgement-free zone, and it encourages them to get creative with their self expression!

Always make sure your daughter feels like she is participating in the holiday for reasons that make her happy, and the payoff will be well worth the long hours of costume planning!


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