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The Night Before Christmas:3 Traditions to Set This Christmas Eve

The Night Before Christmas:3 Traditions to Set This Christmas Eve

There is only one day that is more magical than Christmas itself: the night before Christmas! Christmas Eve is a day filled with anticipation, love, and generosity. While we would never dare say that Christmas isn’t the greatest day of the year, we do think that the 24th of December deserves a little more love. And what better way to do that than by setting some new family traditions?

Here are three family-filled things to start doing this Christmas Eve that you can incorporate into your festivities every year from now on.


1. A Pajama Exchange! The only thing better than going to sleep on Christmas Eve is doing it in a new pair of cozy pajamas. Surprise your little ones with fresh pajamas or make a day of it and go shopping for a matching set that you can all agree on! You can also opt for cozy outfits to wear the next day, like our Confident Shooting Star Legging!

2.  Sibling Sleepovers. Encourage the young ones in your family to have a sleepover on Christmas Eve, and let them go all out! Once they have set out the milk and cookies for Santa, they can build a fort together and try to listen out for reindeers until they fall asleep. There are no better memories than waking up your brother or sister on Christmas morning with an excitement filled face

3. Donate Together. It is easy to spend Christmas Eve being excited for presents. This is what we have been conditioned to think about on Christmas, after all! However, we are all about reminding our daughters that Christmas is more about giving than getting. Take a few hours this Christmas Eve to donate your time, money, or resources and let your daughters lead the way! Research charities that they are passionate about or plan a day where you can volunteer together. They have already made Santa’s nice list this year, but it’s nice to remind them why.

What other traditions does your family practice on Christmas Eve?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us at Indica!


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