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What is Her Definition of Confidence?

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Building up confidence in our girls is one of the most important things to us here at Indica. After all, that C word is something that has been ignored for too long. Far too many girls struggle with embracing their power and being their brave selves. But what is it all for? What is the meaning behind confidence, and why does it matter?

Confidence goes far beyond the single word. It is all about being true to yourself. We decided to speak with a few eager-minded young girls to learn more about what confidence means for them and how it manifests and these are the top 3 explanations they gave:

  1. Confidence is a mindset that says, “I can.” Confidence is not just an action, but an inner voice that tells you that you can do anything you put their mind to.
  2. Confident girls aren’t afraid to speak up and share their thoughts. No matter how unpopular it makes you. It’s about speaking up for yourself and those that can’t speak up for themselves.
  3. Confident girls know their strengths….and are not insecure about their weaknesses. She trusts in her abilities to keep doing things that she is good at and continue to apply herself in areas that she needs to work on. A lack of confidence often results in the need to give up the moment things get tough, robbing her of the opportunity to move forward.

We loved these definitions and could not agree more.

Afterall, confidence might look different on everybody, but at the end of the day it’s ultimately the mindset that can ensure that we get all that we deserve out of this world.

Go ahead, ask your daughter what her definition of confidence is and how it’s playing out in her life and prepare to be blown away.


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