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Why #GivingTuesday Is More Important Than Ever

Why #GivingTuesday Is More Important Than Ever

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of a long list of commercial celebrations are likely what pops into your mind when you think about November. As we gear up for the festive Christmas season, it is easy to get swept away by the promise of good deals and yummy food. But it is also the perfect time to start thinking about giving back. And with Giving Tuesday, it is easier than ever!

How did Giving Tuesday begin? 

Giving Tuesday began in 2012 as a joint initiative between the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation. The simple mission was to encourage people to think about how they can better serve their community and to do it in response to the consumerism period that surrounds it. This began a wave of volunteering, donating, and spending more time expressing our appreciation for what we have.

#GivingTuesday is celebrated, the Tuesday after Cyber Monday (1 December 2020), and feels like the perfect time to bring our daughters into this wonderful celebration, which encourages us to take the time to be thankful, therefore feeling fullness in our hearts and preparing ourselves to be of serve or give. Here are 3 ways to encourage your little ladies to make giving back part of who they are: 

Let her decide where to give back.

You may already have a few organizations in mind that would make great places to give back to. Though, we want to inspire our girls to take part in the conversation, too! Talk to her about what organizations and causes inspire her. If she loves her pets, this may be an animal rights organization. Alternatively, she may be encouraged to donate to food banks after hearing about the smaller Thanksgiving dinners that some folks have. Teach her what is out there but let her make the final decision!

Make it a day of bonding.

It is important to take the time during this day of giving to think about the love behind it all. And what better way to do that than to make it a family affair? Whether you are donating money, time, or resources, you and your daughter can both be involved every step of the way!

Take the time to talk about why we need Giving Tuesday.

We all know about the great deals that happen every Black Friday, and about the other festivities that we come to expect with Thanksgiving - wouldn't it be awesome if our daughters got as excited for Giving Tuesday? Create this excitement by teaching her  the history/ why of this motivating day - maybe next year she will be the one reminding you about it!


We invite you to celebrate this Giving Tuesday by giving back to your communities. We are on the difficult journey of making it bigger than Black Friday itself, it will take time and hard work, but we know that with enough heart and soul, we can get there! Join us and tag #GivingTuesday on your social media and let us know why you and your daughter are taking part this year.

Happy Giving! 







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