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Sustainable Kids Clothing Is More Vital Than Ever

Sustainable Kids Clothing Is More Vital Than Ever

We all love to go shopping with our girls. It makes for a fun day out and is filled with exciting try-on sessions and the way our daughters’ faces light up when they find an outfit that perfectly represents their spirit. Unfortunately, the rise of fast fashion has meant that sustainable kids clothing is getting harder and harder to find, even though it is becoming increasingly important.

Clothing, like other household items, can bring chemicals into our homes, leading to illness in us and our children. Shopping for sustainable and eco-friendly products helps our families to avoid the dangerous additives that can leave impacts on all the parts of our lives.

 The textile production that goes in to making unsustainable clothing hurts everybody, including the environment. Making clothes can emit incredibly high amounts of greenhouse gases, while also polluting air, water, and earth around its production facilities.

 Not only does sustainable kids clothing mean better help for the environment, but it’s also better for your family! Most fast fashion contributes to a loss of value because clothing is being underutilized. Not enough people are passing things down or recycling them for re-use. But when you have a piece of clothing that you love, why not pass it down? And often, it’s a question of quality.

All the leggings made at Indica are created with charcoal bamboo. This makes them more durable for the fun wear and tear that happens with playful children and is also environmentally friendly. This makes sustainable kids clothing an obvious choice!

 The process of harvesting bamboo for clothing can improve the nature around it, purifying the air and improving watersheds. This bamboo will regenerate naturally, so we don’t need to worry about removing essential pieces of nature from their natural habitat. Additionally, no pesticides are used and there is very little water irrigation required.

Sustainable kids clothing like our Shooting Star Legging is designed to be long-lasting. Your girls can pass it down to their younger siblings or even keep them for when they have a young girl in their lives in the future!

Encouraging our girls to shop for sustainable kids clothing ultimately builds a more conscious community of kids. They can wear the clothes they love and know that it’s leaving a positive impact on the world ahead of them.





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