The Indica Story all started with a move from Africa to Indonesia - which inspired our name: IND (INDonesia) + ICA (AfrICA) and my thirst to start a new business venture, just after giving birth to my 2nd daughter Quinn. I read a simple, but alarming statistic that "Between the age of 8-14 years old a girl will lose 30% of her confidence compared to her male counterpart". As a mother of girls (now 3 girls) I knew I wa driven to act and do something out not letting my girls and any other girls fall prey to this stat. Further investigation showed that the consequences of this decreased self esteem impacted the way girls show up in their daily lives for example,  following the crowd in the fear to standing out, quitting sport and generally  these insecurities are one of the driving forces to girl-on-girl bullying.
Soooo…  What if we could change things by bringing about awareness of key values, that  if embraced and practiced, would create an empowered girl generation : Confidence - Bravery - Sisterly Love  ...but it had to be in  a way that was beautiful,  fun and woven into their daily life - The answer... LEGGINGS  Charcoal bamboo leggings with prints that teach confidence, bravery and sisterly love. It's no secret, Indica believes in the power of the girl, child and her ability to make a positive change in  the world - so core to Indica's heart is supporting less fortunate girls through partnerships with NPO's that support and empower young girls – because we know that given the chance, every little girl can do anything she sets her mind to!   Thank you for joining us on the journey.