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Giving Back #Indicalove

Mandela Day 2020 with Indica

10% of our profits go to charities empowering young girls. 

The plight of Covid_19 our chosen charity, The Tsobane Foundation, was unable to do their usual sanitary towel drive and confidence workshops because of school closure. The Tsobane Foundation received word that, due to the school closure, many of their beneficiaries were on the brink of starvation in their village of Norman, just outside of Johannesburg - because of their reliance on the 1 meal served at school.

Indica stepped in to lend a hand and sponsored grocery packages for 100 families in the village of Norman, Mogale City, Johannesburg, South Africa as well as engage with other partners and followers to  add to the support. 

We hope to do a lot of more for young girls who are unable to meet  their basic needs - and therefore not living their lives as boldly as they would like to - because if there is anything we are sure of, is that every single girl has a light inside of them that deserves to shine.