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Lavender Alpaca Legging


Designed with a busy toddler in mind. The fabric is super soft, with double stitching for extra strength and reinforcement in all the right places. Although charcoal bamboo is softer than cotton it is also much stronger, ensuring no holes in the knees after a hard days play. The adjustable waistband is perfect for the growing lady - allowing her to tighten or losen as needed. 

Plus who can resist a cute alpaca print, especially one with so many personalities. 



86% Charcoal Bamboo, 14% Lycra


Why we love these leggings?

The cute (multi-personality) alpaca print 

Softer and stronger than cotton

✔ Flexible fitting

✔ 4-way stretch

✔ UV Protecting

✔ Sweat absorbing

✔ Long lasting

✔ Lycra helps retain legging shape 

✔ Smooth seams

✔ Adjustable elastic waistband



Machine wash with like colors, warm gentle cycle

Size Chart